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Standing Rules Revised: 2 Jul 2015 Standing Rules Revision History
Range Rules Revised: 5 Jul 2018 Range Rules Revision History



The Restoration Project area of the Club (See Aerial Photo or Plot Plan) is now off limits and closed to all activity. Except for planting, watering, and maintaining the property to the extent demanded by the Town of Newton, this area may not be entered or traversed in any way without the express permission of the Board of Directors. This includes CPF&G Club Members as well as nonmembers and guests. Trespassing in this area will be considered damage to Club property. This action has been taken to avoid damaging the extensive restoration and landscaping work, done at great cost to the Club.

Because the Town has required that the livelihood of the new plantings shall be subject to inspection by them for a period of two years, this closure shall remain in force through September 2018.

Per order CPF&G Board of Directors, 4 August 2016


The Club's Form 990, Form 1023, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Financial Statements
may be inspected upon written request to the Treasurer of Country Pond Fish and Game Club.


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